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(Русский) Приглашение на выставку подводного художника Ольги Белкиной в Москве!

(Русский) Выставка «Сны русалки. ПОДВОДНАЯ ЖИВОПИСЬ Ольги Белкиной». Москва (Лубянка) c 27 сентября до 13 октября! Скачать приглашение.

Egyptian dreams

I came to Egypt to “open air” under the water. I want to spend almost a month here and completely devote myself to creativity. Upon return, exhibitions are planned. The working title of the exhibition is “Egyptian dreams.” I plan to convey not only the magnificent underwater world of this country, but about also my
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Welcome to the personal site of the underwater artist Olga Belka. The site was under construction for a long time, finally appeared in a new design and will be quietly filled with new content.

(с) Olga Belka